Félicien has a strong desire to transform the accordion into a key part of original chamber music and orchestral projects. He does however revert to more traditional solo recitals at times. 

There are many transcriptions of Baroque and romantic pieces for solo accordion: Sonatas by Scarlatti, Preludes and Fugues by Bach, pieces by Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky. Contemporary repertoire is increasingly prolific thanks mainly to composers from Northern Europe and Russia.

However, once again, Félicien has cast a fresh eye on the use of his instrument and ignored stylistic boundaries. Beyond works that are usually heard at accordion recitals, he emphasises the wealth of 20th century French popular repertoire that is often underestimated or even neglected by accordionists. Confident that the new generation is more likely to discover this musical universe, he upholds its diversity and revisits splendid pieces, some of which have been forgotten due to their popular character.

« What is my trademark? It must be to have been slow to discover and be lured by classical music… my first love is accordion music and you never forget your first love! »