In connection with his approach, he federates a collective, surrounding himself with talented musicians of his generation and the composer Thibault Perrine.

First of all, he created the Pari des Bretelles where he chose to mix his bellows with the bowed strings of double bass player Édouard Macarez and the Hermès Quartet. With this sextet, he explores, mixes and orders Thibault Perrine for a piece of “learned” music inspired by the musette repertoire, Suite Musette, and several arrangements of works by Gershwin, Prokofiev, Piazzolla.

Then, he imagines duets which radiate thanks to tours throughout France: with the guitarist Thibaut Garcia, the trompettist Lucienne Renaudin-Vary, the double bass player Édouard Macarez (soloist of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France), the clarinetist Renaud Guy-Rousseau (soloist of the National Orchestra of France), the mandolin player Julien Martineau.