double bass and accordion

« People often have a somewhat simplistic idea of our instruments. The double bass is regarded as an instrument that accompanies and not a solo instrument; the accordion is still not really associated with classical music. Édouard and I like drawing parallels between repertoire for the accordion and the double bass, around a very broad programme spanning a century and a half of music: from Jo Privat to Bottesini and Shostakovich encompassing Jacques Brel. »


The double bass and the accordion are two adventurous companions who share a singular path.

They have both animated long debates on their genealogy: family of viols or violins for the first, descendant of a Chinese mouth organ or portable piano for the second.

They have travelled the world, finding their place in the most diverse popular cultures, from Eastern Europe to South America, passing through Paris, New York or Moscow.

They took a long time to convince the classical composers of their time before finally arousing their curiosity.

The talent of generations of passionate instrumentalists has been necessary to allow their development. Richard Galliano revealed to everyone the incredible capacities of the accordion while, a century earlier, Giovanni Bottesini accomplished the same feat for the double bass.

Edouard Macarez and Félicien Brut recall here the history of their instruments, so different at first sight but with paths strewn with similarities.

From the valse musette to the swing of the 30’s, from romantic masterpieces to frenzied South American rhythms, this musical journey mixes accordion and double bass, two instruments very close in their mystery, their popularity and their openness to all musical styles. Félicien and Édouard blow, sing, and vibrate with freedom, transcending genres, to give voice to a century of music from all horizons: Bottesini and Galliano, Glière, Shostakovich, Piazzolla, Nazareth, Viseur, Privat, Azzola.

The Program

subject to change

You wanted to see…

by Jacques Brel
arrangement by Thibault Perrine

Parme, the audacity of Giovanni
Capriccio di Bravura

by Giovanni Bottesini

Warsaw, Marcel’s whim
Caprice Mazurka

by Marcel Azzola and André Astier

Astor and Ernesto, from Buenos Aires to Rio
Vuelvo Al Sur

by Astor Piazzolla
by Ernesto Nazareth

Mar del Plata, the twilight of Alfonsina
Alfonsina y el mar

by Ariel Ramirez
arrangement by Domi Emorine

George, the New York breath
Trois Préludes

by George Gershwin
arrangement by Lucas Henri

Paris, Jo’s three beats
Nuit Blanche – La Sorcière – Papillon Noir

by Jo Privat

Dance in Bucharest
Hora Martisorului

by Grigoras Dinicu

Dimitri, the child of Saint Petersburg

extract of ballet The limpid Stream
by Dimitri Chostakovitch

Richard, the world tour of the accordion
Tango pour Claude

by Richard Galliano