trumpet and accordion

New program from July 2023
Creation of a new piece for trumpet and accordion by Fabien Waksman : Perfect Match

« They told me that love is laughable. They told me: it’s easy, and explained to me the mechanism of my heart. It seems. They told me not to believe in miracles, if the tables turn it is because someone pushes them with his foot. Finally they showed me a man who is in love on command, really in love, he is mistaken, in love what do you want better, in love we know what it is since the world is world… »

Louis Aragon – 1926

The Perfect Match

Love, whether passionate, disappointed, crazy, filial, platonic, furtive or impossible;

The love of some, the love of others, the love of oneself, the love always…

It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists, it is often the reason for being and the permanent quest of individuals.

Lucienne and Félicien have also chosen to talk about love! Sharing the stage very regularly as a duo for several years, they have decided to create a new program for 2023 entitled “The Perfect Match”!

Because yes, love today is often a question of matches! Fabien Waksman, a young prodigious composer, will not tell us otherwise. He imagined for this trumpet and accordion duo a creation full of humor, virtuosity, tenderness but also questioning: The Perfect Match.

This work, composed in the manner of a suite of dances from the baroque period, is the main thread of this new program. Each of its movements is interspersed with key works of the repertoire, transcribed for the duo and inspired by… love, of course!

Fabien Waksman’s music rubs shoulders with Georges Bizet’s, Leonard Bernstein’s, Rafael Mendes’, Astor Piazzolla’s or Michel Legrand’s to tell the story of the trumpet and the accordion’s love, and also of Lucienne and Félicien’s love !

The Program

Creation of this new program in July 2023
subject to change

The Perfect Match
Suite in 5 movements
by Fabien Waksman

Creation 2023

Fantaisie Slave
by Carl Höhne

by Rafael Méndez

West Side Story – extracts
by Léonard Bernstein
arrangement by Thibault Perrine

Maria de Buenos Aires – extracts
by Astor Piazzolla
arrangement by Jérôme Ducros and Domi Emorine

Les Parapluies de Cherbourg
by Michel Legrand
arrangement by Evgeni Derbenko
(solo accordion)

West Side Story – extracts
by Léonard Bernstein
arrangement by Thibault Perrine

L’Hymne en Rose
by Marguerite Monnot and Edith Piaf
arrangement by Domi Emorine

Tango pour Claude
by Richard Galliano