guitar and accordion

« Thus the three planes of the air-mail service, from Patagonia, Chile, and Paraguay, were converging from south, west, and north on Buenos Aires. Their arrival with the mails would give the signal for the departure, about midnight, of the Europe postal plane. Three pilots, each behind a cowling heavy as a river-barge, intent upon his flight, were hastening through the distant darkness, soon to come slowly down, from a sky of storm or calm, like wild, outlandish peasants descending from their highlands. Riviere, who was responsible for the entire service, was pacing to and fro on the Buenos Aires landing-ground. He was in silent mood, for, till the three planes had come in, he could not shake off a feeling of apprehension which had been haunting him all day. »

Excerpt from Vol de Nuit – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Between Paris, Madrid and Buenos Aires…

They, the travel companions, fetish instruments of nomads, sailors, adventurers of all kinds;

They are the unclassifiable, the tools of a perpetual transgression, that of pre-established musical borders and stylistic preconceptions;

They, the transportable polyphonic ones, the only ones or almost, sometimes singing, sometimes harmonizing, so similar and yet so different;

They, the guitar and the accordion have a common history, they even have a pleiad of common histories. This is what characterizes them, their multiple facets, their mixed roots, their unwritten futures…

Thibaut Garcia and Félicien Brut met by chance, almost by accident, and as is often the case, chance made things right. Immediately the current passes, the ideas are born. France, Spain and South America, fertile lands for their respective instruments, symbolic lands of their personal journeys, inspire this program, give them the desire to tell a story together, their stories.

Saint-Exupéry juggled with words, our two accomplices will juggle with the notes but also invite you to a captivating journey from Europe to Latin America.

The Program

subject to change

Introduction et Fandango
by Luigi Boccherini
arrangement by Simon Cochard

Alborada del Gracioso
by Maurice Ravel
arrangement by Thibault Perrine

El Corazon Al Sur
by Eladia Blazquez

extract from Suite Troileana
by Astor Piazzolla

by Augustin Barrios
(solo guitar)

Aria – Tango pour Claude
by Richard Galliano
(solo accordion)

Valses de Paris
A Paris dans chaque Faubourg
La Ritale
La Complainte de la Butte
La Foule
by M. Jaubert, J. Corti, G. Van Parys et A. Cabral
arrangement by Simon Cochard

Suite Retratos
2. Ernesto Nazareth
4. Chiquinha Gonzaga
by Radamés Gnattali
arrangement by Simon Cochard