Corentin APPARAILLY, composer

Depuis les Ombres (for accordion and string quintet) a piece freely inspired by Beethoven’s « Au Clair de Lune » Sonata

« What could be worse for a musician than not hearing anymore? Since meeting with Beethoven’s story, this question has fascinated me. This intimate feeling of gradually wallowing in silence, this conflict between a deafening interior world and a mute exterior, this is what I wanted to explore through this piece echoing the Clair de Lune Sonata, composed in 1801 by a Beethoven realizing his deafness… »

Corentin Apparailly

Corentin Apparailly in a few lines…

Corentin Apparailly was born in Toulouse in 1995 and started music five years later. Fascinated by the sound of the viola, he entered the class of Louis Merlet at the CRR in Toulouse in order to learn this instrument and at the same time he begin to compose his first songs.

He distinguished himself throughout his curriculum by winning numerous national competitions and joined the CNSM of Paris at fifteen in order to perfect himself in the class of Jean Sulem. In 2013, he founded the Arod Quartet. The group quickly became successful and won numerous international awards, until obtaining the first prize in the prestigious ARD Munich competition in 2016, after only four years of existence. The Arod Quartet is then invited to perfom in the most beautiful halls in the world : Philharmonie de Paris, Carnegie Hall in New York, Wigmore Hall in London, Tokyo Hall, Mozarteum in Salzburg… In 2017, their album “Mendelssohn” was published by Erato Warner Classics.

A few months later, Corentin Apparailly however decides to leave the Arod Quartet in order to follow a more personal path by devoting himself fully to composition. He then entered the specialized cycle of orchestration in the class of Anthony Girard at CRR de Paris.

In February 2019, he passed his first composition competition and won the prize for the best fiction music in the OST Challenge competition during the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

Since then, he has been regularly contacted to compose concert pieces in classical music and has worked on several electronic music and film music projects.