Vol de Nuit

by Thomas Enhco

for accordion, violin, piano, guitar and double bass

duration : 8 min / commissioned by Félicien Brut

creation : July 2021, in Festival Radio France Montpellier Occitanie – Montpellier (FRANCE)
with Jordan Victoria, Thomas Enhco, Thibaut Garcia and Édouard Macarez

It is about travel, rhythm, groove, improvisation … Because the music of Thomas Enhco is so made, it looks like him. It is inspired, inspiring, heady, free, joyful, bright.

At first, he was not convinced. What a strange formation! He already knew the accordion, he had already written for it. The violin is one of his favorite instruments, the double bass is familiar to him, the piano is his daily playground. But the guitar? It was a first and it was not obvious. How many composers have refused to take on this complex and magical instrument?

Yet Thomas Enhco took up the challenge and imagined Night Flight, a title in reference to the eponymous novel by Saint-Exupéry, a piece that transports us from Paris to Buenos Aires in a few notes …

Vol de Nuit was premiered during the first concert of Quinteto Tango Nuevo on July 21, 2021, at the Berlioz Opera in Montpellier, as part of the Radio-France Montpellier Occitanie Festival.