In line with his approach, Félicien has therefore been federating a collective of talented musicians of his generation around him for several years.

In 2017, he first created the Pari des Bretelles where he chose to mix his breath with the bows of double bassist Édouard Macarez and the Quatuor Hermès. They recorded a first album together. In 2018, it is in duo with the same Édouard Macarez that he decides to imagine a concert program.

In 2019, a decisive meeting takes place: Félicien crosses the road of the wonderful trumpet player Lucienne Renaudin Vary. They begin to perform together as a duo, an essential collaboration that has never stopped since.

In 2020, the sextet that Félicien forms with the Quatuor Hermès and the double bass player Édouard Macarez gives life to a new program and a new album : “NEUF ou la rencontre de Beethoven et de l’accordéon”. Another highlight of this year 2020, the creation of a duet with the guitarist Thibaut Garcia, revelation instrumental soloist at the Victoires de la Musique 2019.

In 2021, a quintet will be created to celebrate the centenary of Astor Piazzolla. To pay tribute to the master of Tango Nuevo, Félicien surrounds himself with four friends and wonderful musicians who are the violinist Jordan Victoria, the pianist Thomas Enhco, the guitarist Thibaut Garcia and the double bassist Édouard Macarez.

Last formation born: a duet with the cellist Christian-Pierre La Marca which is born in November 2022 during a tour in Ireland and which will travel the roads of France during the summer 2023.

Beyond these regular stage partners, Félicien has collaborated in recent years with many renowned instrumentalists, whether on an ad hoc basis or more regular, on record or on stage. Among them are singers Julie Fuchs and Ambroisine Bré, pianists Adam Laloum and Nathanaël Gouin, cellists Anne Gastinel, Edgar Moreau and Astrig Siranossian, mandolinist Julien Martineau, trumpeter Romain Leleu, tuba player Thomas Leleu, and clarinet player Renaud Guy-Rousseau.

The musicians with whom Félicien collaborates very regulary:

Thibaut Garcia
Lucienne Renaudin Vary
Jordan Victoria
Thomas Enhco
Christian-Pierre La Marca
Quatuor Hermès